improving Hamtramck

Summer 2023

Envisioning work shared with the City of Hamtramck

Hamtramck is an enclave city surrounded nearly entirely by Detroit, and it is the densest city in Michigan. In these before/after visualizations, I envisioned tactical interventions in Hamtramck's urban design and public infrastructure to increase the standard of living in this community, which is located near major interstate crossroads in metro Detroit.

Redesigning Joseph Campau: Proposed expanding the sidewalks on the city's northern gateway avenue to improve walkability and provide urban landscaping.

Freeway Sound Barriers: South of Eight Mile Road, residential neighborhoods along I-75 are exposed to noise, air pollution, and flying litter and debris from the interstate. I proposed opening a conversation with the Michigan DOT to install sound barrier walls along the interstate in Hamtramck to increase quality of life and desirability of neighborhoods along the interstate. This idea was inspired by a mid-20th-century concept to plant a linear greenway and parks along the I-75 when it was built through Hamtramck.

Infill Development Opportunities: Despite its population and physical density, Hamtramck still has several opportunites for new development. After all, much of the city's housing stock is limited to narrow-lot single family houses and two-flats, with few other options such as new-construction townhomes, condos, or modern rental apartments. I offered examples of how existing unimproved land in the city could be used to create more variety in Hamtramck's housing supply.