Suburban Condos on a Green

2018 (Unbuilt)

Target Audience: Town of Ithaca, NY

Work at Visum Development Group

"At our design's core, we followed best-practice placemaking strategies to articulate a usable and welcoming central public space that truly differentiates the neighborhood as a unique and appealing part of Ithaca," stated Visum in their sketch plan pitch. "With this opportunity, we are aiming to change how we think about Ithaca's suburbs and what it means to reside in the Town (of Ithaca) - not only to have unparalleled comfort, but truly to live with all of Tompkins County at one's fingertips."

Published in The Ithaca Voice

I was given the challenge of designing an age-in-place suburban community targeted at older adults and young families. The site was a large wooded area that gently sloped down toward a pond, so I proposed a site plan that clustered townhouses and attached ranches along the subtle terraces implied by the topography. I also composed the development narrative submitted as part of the site plan review application.