Insourcing Pavement Marking Operations

Fall 2020

Client: City of Somerville, MA

Team Project

In this project, a team of classmates and I evaluated what it takes for a mid-sized municipality to insource its municipal pavement marking operations. Below is an extract from the introduction I wrote.

Urban planners and allied practitioners have increasingly recognized that street design has a strong relationship with behavioral practices on city streets. Successful and safe streets organize public right-of-way to achieve the following: 

To implement capital improvement plans and routine maintenance work, many cities opt to outsource pavement marking operations. However, in contexts where a limited number of vendors are available to supply this service, some municipalities may face difficulties scheduling work during peak painting months. As a result, pavement marking quality may lag behind a municipality’s preferences, and the pace of work may not be fast enough to match local needs and planning goals. To remedy these issues, local governments may consider insourcing either a portion or all of their municipal pavement marking operations.