Land Use, zoning, & urban design

Whether you're designing a neighborhood from scratch or envisioning a new future for a handful of blocks, I can help you visualize options and ensure that mobility is comfortable around the site. I can also help build land use plans and implement them with well-crafted zoning ordinances that carry out your community's vision. I bring hands-on experience on local government boards and countless hours in city hall settings.

financial modeling

Tell the story of cash flows in your project with pro forma financial modeling, or ascertain how much gap funding to pursue to make a project viable.


Visualize community conditions, development plans, and demographic data with static maps and web-based interactive maps. Turn your data and questions into a visual story with my mapping services.

Real estate development

Whether you're developing market-rate, mixed-income, low-income affordable, or student housing, you can count on me to advise on project strategy. My experience has included LIHTC, brownfield remediation, public housing, and luxury student housing.

Community Engagement

I have experience running engaging community processes to help generate ideas, build community support, and maximize transparent communication with stakeholders. I can also help translate complex technical concepts and processes into digestible language for the public.

Training & education

If you want to learn how to "speak real estate," reach out for training in real estate finance. I teach by starting with the fundamental intuitions of the business, so that the financial terminology has a tangible meaning linked directly to how income-generating property operates. I've given guest presentations at Cornell University and Wayne State University, and provided affordable housing 101 training for a developer's team.