Sample capacity studies


The images below show capacity studies that I produced to evaluate the buildability of sites in and around Detroit. Software used includes QGIS, Rhino3D, and Python.

Villages at Parkside: Visualizations of redevelopment directions for a public housing project on the east side of Detroit

Smith Homes model: Created a zoning-compliant 3D model of a mid-rise senior housing building in Northwest Detroit

R3 Neighborhood in Detroit: I used GIS data to identify Detroit Land Bank-owned parcels, dissolve them into contiguous development sites, and then ran Python code in Rhino3D to automate estimating the number of units buildable by right on the site. I then cross-checked the code's output with additional zoning requirements and generated a massing visualization of potential buildout.

Multifamily building: This site's evaluation included a study of the local zoning code's dimensional and parking requirements, as well as compliance with the municipality's adopted comprehensive plan.