Patrick's music has been performed in twelve cities and four countries (Sarasota, FL; Ithaca, NY; Cambridge, MA; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Los Angeles, CA; Monterey, CA; Oxford, UK; Sassari, Italy; Victoria, Canada; and Detroit and Royal Oak, MI). He has been commissioned by the Harvard University Wind Ensemble and the Musicology Faculty Choir of the University of Pavia, Italy. His music has also been performed on tour by the Cornell University Glee Club and a subset of the Cornell University Chorus. Patrick has also written music for live theatre and for a fashion runway show. He has performed with the Cornell and Harvard Glee Clubs, the Cornell Chamber Singers, and the Fellows of the Harvard University Choir, the St. Joseph Shrine Cappella and Chant Schola, inter alia.

I consider my compositions to be living works of art, always open to being edited and revised to facilitate performance at different skills levels and occasions. My choral music, for instance, can readily be adapted into accompanied solo pieces, piano and organ solos, or from SATB choirs to men's or women's ensembles. 

To contact Patrick for performance opportunities or requests for new pieces, kindly reach out via LinkedIn.

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Sacred Choral (Liturgical)

Sacred Choral (not necessarily Liturgical)



Solo Piano

Art Song/Accompanied Solo Aria

Secular Choral